Aug 22, 2013

Catching Up

The last time I posted, I was thinking about Summer is almost over!  Even though I don't post on this site much, I do post for the clubs at our local Ben Franklin here.

Finally got my sewing room cleaned out and started a big basket with almost completed projects to be more diligent about completing.   Today, I got this pillowcase made for a special neighbor gal who is quite the ice skater.  Can't wait to see the smile on her face.

Back in 2009, I had made these pillows.  Gave them a whole new look this week....

Planning to put them in the camper.
These were my personal projects.   Below are some samples I made for the shop.....
Great instructions.
And, a new tote from Lazy Girl,
using an iron on vinyl.
I come to my blog mostly to use the sidebar to see what everyone else is posting.   Always looking for good ideas.

1 comment:

Kim Bates said...

Hey Marcia- congrats on the grandbaby to be! Love your pillows and those cute things you made for the shop. I need to update my blog, too!
We might be up your way the 18th...send me a message if you will be around- maybe we could meet for dinner?